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Microneedling/Cutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy

$380 and up (Package specials are available)

This is a mechanical cutaneous collagen induction treatment. The science has proved that microneedling can effectively promote skin texture, improve the appearances of acne scars, dark/brown spots, fine lines, large pores,, etc.

The procedure involves in creating microchannels on your skin. Two main therapeutic purposes are A. To activate skin repair cascade to stimulate new growth of skin tissues; B. Allow high quality medical-grade skin productions to be absorbed effectively. 

AnteAGE Growth Factor Solution and AnteAGE Exosomes Solution are two choices of products we use to perform microneedling treatments. We love science-backed products (the owner is a nerd). If you are interested in learning more about the products, go to You will understand why we love their products!

We use a FDA-cleared device, Exceed by Candela, Made in Germany, to provide high quality of treatments.

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